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Soup season is here

Soups, Laban and other treats for Ramadan

It’s been a while since we took to our blog space but we are back with some freshly baked and exciting news. From the return of chef Clara’s new and improved soupsational collection and online gift vouchers to some friendly new faces and Ramadan recommendations. 


But first, some housekeeping. This month we welcome a few new staff members to our team. Angelo Pugin has joined the Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen as our shop manager bringing bucket loads of experience to the team. His energy is so authentic that it almost feels as though he’s been part of the family for ages. In the kitchen, we have two new lovely ladies helping out while our darling queen Asa goes off to become a mommy. It’s good to have some awesome female energy in the kitchen again. 


The Return of Soupsational Frozen Ready Made Soups: 


As we wait just a little bit longer for chef to perfect some new additions to the takeaway menu (it’s a secret we’ve been keeping tightly under wraps), the kitchen team has produced some new and improved fantastical soups to dazzle the taste buds. The inspiration for the early arrival comes from iftar, a Ramadan ritual where our Muslim patrons break their fast after sunset. 


The frozen ready made meals are available in 900ml sachets and easy to reheat and enjoy at home. On the menu we have: 


  • Spiced red lentil soup:  One of the most popular soups of the season. A recipe passed down to chef from her travels in Egypt. Red lentils, onion, garlic, tomatoes, carrots and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Blended smooth. R65 per sachet. Available online, for walk-in customers and delivery through Uber Eats and Mr. D Food.   


  • Spicy coriander and butternut soup: The soup that could warm up the coldest of hearts. A vegan treat made with sauteéd onions, butternut, garlic, chili flakes, cayenne pepper, baharat spice and freshly chopped coriander. R65 per sachet. Available online, for walk-in customers and delivery through Uber Eats and Mr. D Food.   


  • Creamy chicken and mushroom soup: (NEW) An elevated version of last year’s shredded chicken soup. Shredded free-range chicken, carrots, leeks, garlic, celery, mushrooms, zucchini, cream, butter and flour. Served with fresh bread and parsley. R75 per sachet. Available online, for walk-in customers and delivery through Uber Eats and Mr. D Food. Coming to the online shop soon!    


  • Lentil, veg and beef soup: Something for meat lovers. A hearty combination of lentils, tons of seasonal veg and beef chuck cubes. Slow cooked to perfection with heaps of soul and sprinklings of love. (NEW) R75 per sachet. Available for walk-in customers and delivery through Uber Eats and Mr. D Food. Coming to the online shop soon!  


Need some more ideas for iftar? Try our homemade Laban, a refreshing minty delight made from yoghurt blended with ice. Slightly salted and perfect for any time of day. Available in 400ml for sit down customers or in 1l containers for takeaway at R69. 


Our date balls have also made a most welcome comeback. A nutty delight with dates, almonds and walnuts mixed with spices and desiccated coconut. Available in tubs of 5 for only R48. Available online, for walk-in customers and delivery through Uber Eats and Mr. D Food.    


Go shawty, it’s your birthday:

One thing you should know about us. If you ask, we will eventually listen. We are super stoked to finally have our own online gift card. Spoil someone special with a Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen gift card to the value of R250, R400, R750 or R1000. 


What’s really cool is that our gift card can be delivered directly into the recipient’s inbox with your own personal love note. Simply: 


  1. Visit our gifting section and select gift card 
  2. Choose your value and enter the recipients details
  3. Enter your details and a personal message 
  4. Proceed to check out, pay with credit card, EFT or snapscan and voila! 
  5. Once the payment has been processed, your someone special will receive their personal gift card and promo! 


All gift cards are valid for 1 year from date of purchase and redeemable online. Check out our gifting section on our website and remember – there are as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate. 


In related news…


Word of our little bakery is getting out there thanks to the likes of Food and Home who did a magical feature on us in February. Congratulations to Elize, Carla, Bernadette and Mary-Anne, our Mezze Box competition winners. 


A huge word of thanks to the incomparable Bianca Coleman for mentioning us in this delightful love letter to Lebanese cuisine. She is absolutely spot on! There is so much more to Levant cuisine than falafels, hummus and pita and we cannot wait to share more happiness through good food with you.   


Chef and the kitchen team have been cooking up a storm for private functions and special occasions including weddings, engagements and over life (love) celebrations. If you’re looking for special catering services, please feel free to contact chef Clara on Take a peek at our 2022 catering menu to whet your appetite. 


Follow our love story with freshly made Lebanese food on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled to your feed for competitions, giveaways and more delicious menu items coming your way this winter. 


Until then, remember that you are so fabulous! With love, Khaled, Clara and The Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen team.