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Hit The Sweet Spot With Our Tasty Baklava

As we brace ourselves for what is hopefully the final cold bite of winter, we have decided to layer up (literally). Chef has at long last introduced a brand new confection to the bakery that ticks all the guilty pleasure boxes. Presenting Baklava al’a Clara.

Our delicious new dessert is textured, made with layers of buttery filo pastry and a mixture of walnuts and almonds in between. Baked until it has reached its golden brown glory and then topped with a thick pouring of orange blossom sugar syrup to complete the dish to near perfection.

The difference between Lebanese Baklava and traditional Greek Baklava is that the latter uses a honey based syrup with some additional spices. Lebanese Baklava uses a simple sugar mixture made with flavored water such as rose or orange blossom which has quite a subtle taste. 

Baklava started off as a weekend special but is slowly but surely making its way to being a more regular addition. Baklava retails at R52 a pack for 4 pieces and is available in store only. 

If you are craving something a little bit more subtle, then Mahalabia might be more to your taste. This delicious milk dessert is infused with rose water and topped with seasonal fruit and a crumbling of rose petals. Available weekdays at the bakery or online. Read more about Mahalabia and uses of Rose Water here.

Here are a few more sweet treats to sink your teeth into

  • Ma’amoul Cookies: A traditional cookie perfect for tea time conversation. Available in packs of 5 in with either dates or walnut filling. If you are a baker, you should definitely get a ma’amoul cookie shaper and try making these at home. Our shapers come in a variety of moulds and retail at R85 a unit. 
  • Syrian Nougat: A selection of authentic Syrian nougat wrapped in apricot paste for an anytime sweet treat. Available in the bakery for R25 a bag or online for R27. 
  • Halva: A sweet treat made using tahini (sesame seed paste). It’s dense and full of flavour. Enjoy as is or slice and pop into a pita bread for the full sweet experience. Choose from plain or pistachio. 

For all other things new, read our latest blog post. Don’t forget to visit us on Monday’s for our Manakish Monday special – GET 2 Cheese & Za’atar OR 2 Sfiha Manakish OR a combo for only R115. Available for sit down and takeaway only. Find out more.

With sweet love and kisses from Khaled, Chef Clara and the Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen team