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There’s something about Harissa…

What’s red, fresh, spicy and delicious? In case you have not met the latest addition to our mezze menu, her name is Harissa, and she has quite the bite. This freshly made dip with a twist is totally addictive and the ultimate labour of love from Chef Clara’s kitchen straight to your tummy. 


For the food history buffs out there, Harissa originated from Tunisia and is served with pretty much every meal. It’s a traditional blend of hot peppers, oil and fresh spices, used as a flavor base for curries and stews as well as a condiment in Linya, Algeria, Morocco and most of the Middle East. There are hundreds of recipes for Harissa, with varying ingredients from neighborhood to neighborhood, as well as by country and ethnicity. 

Like all things great, it took Chef Clara about five attempts to find a recipe that she was happy with. What makes The Lebanese Bakery Harissa so different is the method as well as the fresh ingredients used to make it.

In her own words, Harissa is a “beautiful combination of roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and garlic, fresh whole herb spices, roasted and ground, fresh lemon juice and chili.” While Harissa may not be Chef Clara’s personal favorite, she enjoys the process of combining all those flavours together.  

Harissa has become a hot seller at the bakery making it a must try for all customers. Here are 4 ways that Chef Clara and the Kitchen Team enjoy eating their Harissa:

1. Keep it simple: Simply add a layer of good olive oil on top of the Harissa and enjoy with pieces of broken Pita bread or Ka’ak. It’s also great with Za;atar Baked Dipping Bread for that extra crunch

2. Let it marinate: People are always looking for new ways to enjoy their chicken. A nice marinade tip is to mix the Harissa with plain yoghurt. Run the mixture into the whole chicken or chicken breasts and let it marinade before grilling to perfection 

3. When it doubt, add potatoes: As an accompaniment to any fish dish – grilled white fish, hake, or braaied snoek – boil some baby potatoes until soft adding some fresh coriander and harissa to the mix for a delicious meal 

4. Roast Vegetables: Harissa goes well with any type of roast veg mix. Just toss the harissa into the roast veggies with some olive oil for that extra bit of bite

5. Hummus: A popular way to enjoy harissa is to mix it in with hummus. It gives the hummus a little life. Great with dipping chips or bread


Harissa is available at the Bakery or through our online order and collect system. Add this hot item to your cart now > BUY HARISSIA

With love, Khaled, Chef Clara and LB Team