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Rose water

The magical subtle mystery of Rose Water

There is always something new in The Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen’s deli-fridge window. For May, Chef Clara cooked up something sweet and introduced Mahalabia to the menu. If you don’t know, Mahalabia is a light and yummy milk dessert flavoured with cardamom and rose water, topped with slow-cooked quince, crushed rose petals, and a dash of Chef Clara’s love. 

The most important ingredient in this dessert (apart from love) is the delicate flavour of rose water. Chef uses an imported product from our Bustan range, made by our friends at the House of Syria. Rose water is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern confections such as baklava, Turkish delight, Persian rice pudding as well as French pastries and macarons.   

Our customers often ask about the uses of our rose water. It can be used to balance out spices such as saffron or elevate and complement the subtle flavours of honey and pistachios. It’s as delicate as the flower that it is made from, and a little bit goes a long way. 

Here are 5 ideas for you on how to cook with rose water:  

  1. Savor the moment: saffron is a delicious spice that is used in many potato, rice and meat dishes. It can be quite an intense flavour on its own which is why a dash of rose water can really help round things off. Use sparingly as rose water can be quite an overpowering ingredient. It takes about 6 – 8 rose blossoms to make a small dose of rose water.
  2. The icing on the cake: for a delicate, floral note, add a small teaspoon of rose water to your buttercream icing. It really gives your icing an elegant finish to your homemade cupcakes and cakes.
  3. Ice cream. You scream: vanilla ice cream is one of the most understated guilty pleasures. Add some rose or orange blossom water to create a new level of flavour. Add just a touch of cardamom to really make it pop.
  4. Pump up the jam: homemade jams are one of our favourite things at Lebanese Bakery. Fig, strawberry, apricot and mulberry. We love all flavours. Adding a touch of rose water to the jam can take the experience to a new dimension. Spread on our yummy fluffy pita pillows or our beautiful handbag bread, Ka’ak
  5. Get baked: Rose water has the tendency to lift traditional recipes such as apple pie, vanilla and pound cakes. 

Rose water, orange blossom, pomegranate and date molasses are all available online or in-store at the bakery. Ask our lovely FOH team to show you our marvellous Bustan range.

With love from Chef Clara and the LB Team! 

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