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Top Takeaways

Our Top 5 Take-Aways

Wow! Wow! Wow. We are deeply touched by the incredible love and support from customers around Cape Town over the past week. We cannot express our gratitude for your continued support during lockdown. While we do not know how much longer we will have to endure Level 4, you can trust that your favorite meals from The Lebanese Bakery and Kitchen are not going anywhere.

In fact, Chef Clara has been inspired to make a few new dishes during this time, including traditional kofta, three new soups for the ready-made frozen soup menu, a new cauliflower dip and probably the most anticipated addition of them all – brown wheat pita bread (COMING SOON!) Watch this space for more details or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news!  

While we know what our regulars like and how they like it, we decided to put together a quick Top 5 Takeaway list as well as some information on how to get them. 

  1. Pita Bread: Our fluffy yummy Pita bread is what put us on the map. Best eaten fresh and warm out of the oven with your favorite filling, but equally good when frozen and reheated. Enjoy with a selection of mezzes, spreads and dips such as toumeya, hummus and harissa. 
  2. Falafel Sandwich: Popular every day of the week but most FAMOUS on “twosdays”! A pita stuffed with falafel, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, red cabbage and tahina! Served with cucumber pickles and toumeya. Get 2-for-1 Falafel Sandwich every Tuesday at the bakery. 
  3. Cheesy Eggy Manakish: Our breakfast manakish made from a medley of cheeses and topped with 2 free-range eggs and a sprinkling of Za’atar. While this manakish is only available for call-in and walk-ins, you can still get 8 different toppings delivered to you by Mr D Food and Uber or through our order and collect shop. Available in Cheese, Cheese and Za’atar, Cheese and Egg, Labneh, Labneh and Za’atar, Za’atar, Sfiha and Meat and Cheese.  
  4. Falafel Pieces: Our falafel pieces have rightfully earned their spot in the Lebanese Bakery Hall of Fame. The perfect bite-size takeaway meal to eat on the go – available in 4 pieces (or more). If Falafel makes you happy, try our Falafel Plate with extras such as pita bread, cucumber, tomatoes, tahina, pickles and toumeya or our spanking new Falafel Bowl which is both vegan and gluten-free! 
  5. Hawashi: So good it should be called Ha-WOW-shi! Our favorite little tongue twister is made from pita bread stuffed with free-range, grass-fed Angus beef, herbs and spices, oven-baked and pan-fried to crispy perfection. Served with a side of tahina and cucumber pickles.

Our Top 5 Takeaway dishes are available Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm, and weekends between 8am and 3pm. We accept walk-ins, calls-ins (021 671 1522), order and collections as well as delivery through Mr. D Food and Uber Eats. You can also email us on

Chef Clara’s Top 5 Dips/Mezzes:

  1. Hummus: Traditional hummus or with a twist of caramelised onion and cumin seeds
  2. Toumeya: For Garlic lovers. Affectionately known by one regular as “white gold”
  3. Zhoug: Newish, moreish and for customers who love a bit of a bite.
  4. Halloumi Pieces: The big cheese next to our homemade Labneh Sliced and ready to fry and vreet
  5. Marinated Olives: This mezze has a love story of its own. Naturally fermented with fennel seeds, lemon, chili, garlic and herbs.

Top 5 Pantry Products: 

  1. Brazilian Coffee: The perfect kick start to your day.
  2. Fava Beans: Because beans are after all, really good for the heart.
  3. Halva: For something sweet and delicious at the end of the day. Available in plain or pistachio.
  4. Oatly Milk: The best milk in the world! Available in plain and chocolate 
  5. Mixed Pickles: So good, it usually sells out in days! Order it now to avoid disappointment.

Share a special moment and join the family on Facebook and Instagram. Stay warm, keep safe and stay hungry. With love from Khaled, Chef Clara and the LB Baking and Kitchen Team. 

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