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Know your Ka’ak

It’s something we never get tired of at the Lebanese Bakery: a customer walks into the shop for the very first time. They sanitize, look around and take in the beautiful scent of freshly baked bread. They browse through our selection of  baked breads on display from pita to saj to…. and then, we hear that familiar little giggle as someone has clearly spotted the Ka’ak bread. 

Ka’ak is definitely a funny word to say, especially if you are South African. It’s hard not to blush when trying to correct and educate a customer around the pronunciation of this very delicious yet oddly shaped bread. 

Ka’ak, pronounced “kaahk”, is an arabic word for biscuit or baked goods. It’s one of the most popular Middle Eastern breads known for its very distinct shape. It is often referred to as ladies purse or handbag bread, and resembles a teardrop with a little hole on top. In Lebanon it is mainly sold by mobile vendors who use a pole to hang the bread on either side of their bicycles for easy transportation. 

The bread has a  slightly crisp exterior as it’s rolled in bran and sesame seeds before it’s baked. In Lebanon it’s enjoyed in many ways, either sweet or savoury.  Here are some ideas on how you can enjoy ka’ak at home:

  1. The shape is a great conversation starter and looks beautiful on a mezze table
  2. Plain – eat as is, dipping pieces into a little bit of olive oil and our dukkah
  3. It goes so well with any of our dips and mezzes. Try it with hummus, mutabal or mohammara  
  4. Halloumi cheese – ka’ak stuffed with cheese is like a warm hug. We like to use  halloumi as it holds its firmness when heated, while still retaining rich and full body flavours. Increase the joy by adding za’atar! This popular herb mix  is made with oregano and thyme, toasted sesame seeds, sumac and salt. 
  5. Cream cheese or labneh- plain cream cheese or labneh spread generously throughout the inside of the bread and drizzled with olive oil…. Oh my goodness!
  6. Nutella and Banana – for those with a sweet tooth, Nutella and Banana hits the spot every time. If you are like Chef Clara, you can ditch the banana and just eat it with a generous portion of chocolatey goodness!   

We thought you might enjoy this funny little video around people trying to say Ka’ak – It’s good to laugh!

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