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How to make a Falafel Sandwich

At Lebanese Bakery, it’s no secret that we love to eat and make good food, especially comfort food. The best kind of food is the kind you walk away from feeling happy and secretly wanting more. We love food you can eat with your hands, that’s a little bit messy but totally worth it. A taste explosion of flavours and textures – soft, crunchy, creamy, moist with a little hint of something spicy. It’s the kind of food that leaves a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart and soul.

For Khaled and I, the falafel sandwich ticks all these boxes. It’s one of the most quintessential Middle Eastern foods around, loved by all who taste and try it. A yummy freshly made pita bread, stuffed with Khaled’s amazing falafel balls, diced tomatoes and onions, gherkins, and smothered in nutty Tahini sauce. The recipe took quite some time to make, and comes from Khaled’s incredible mind with chickpeas, sesame seeds, spices and green chillis for that extra bite.

It’s a definite top seller at Lebanese Bakery and a must try if you are ever in the neighbourhood. We also serve them as little bites – plates of 4 that you can quickly snack on and dip in our tahini sauce. The best thing about falafels is that they are extremely easy to try at home. They are filling enough to make an entire meal for you and the family – breakfast, lunch or supper!

I’ve put together a little recipe for you to try at home. We recommend either ordering some of our own falafels or put your own twist using our House of Syria falafel mix. We also have a very cute little shaper available which makes sure that your falafels are the perfect bite sized shape!

What you need for your Falafel Sandwich


– Falafel (ordered from Lebanese Bakery or our house of Syria mix)
– Tahini Sauce
– 6 pita breads
– 2 diced tomatoes
– 1 diced cucumber
– White wine / red wine vinegar
– 1 sliced, red onion
– ¼ cup fresh parsley
– ¼ cup pickles (optional)


Step 1: Place the sliced onions in a bowl of red or white wine vinegar for 20 minutes

Step 2: Heat up the Falafels or make your own falafel mix from scratch by placing into a deep pan of oil until golden brown. Place on kitchen paper to drain

Step 3: Heat up the pita breads in a toaster or pan fry in a non-stick pan until slightly brown

Step 4: Carefully slice the top of your pita bread and stuff each pita breadth with the onions, tomato and cucumber.

Step 5: Smoosh some of the ready made falafels into your pita bread (about 3 or 4)

Step 6: Drizzle some tahini sauce into your pita bread

Tip: For a really moist and filling pita bread, add a layer of Lebanese Bakery Hummus as the foundation of your sandwich. You can also top it up with some pickles for that extra bit of crunch

Please pop into our bakery for some inspiration! They are definitely worth the wait. They are also available for delivery through UberEats and Mr. D Food. We take order and collections as well through

With love from Clara, Khaled and the LB Team!

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