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Try our new Breakfast Menu - Shakshuka, Mediterranean Breakfast Plate, Ka'ak and Jam Joy, Pita Scramble and Cheesy Eggy Breakfast Manakish

For the LOVE of food

And just like that, January was here today, and gone tomorrow. It feels like yesterday that we were hanging baubles and tinsel around the Christmas tree, celebrating what has got to be the most awkward festive season this side of the century. No beaches, no gatherings and worst of all, no hugging. While February is traditionally known as the official month of love, we wouldn’t be surprised if Cupid decided to go into lockdown. #lovedownlevel1

To be completely honest, we’re not the hugest fans of Valentine’s Day (sorry, not sorry). The concept of red hearts, flying cherubs and dramatic bouquets is all a bit much (except chocolate. Chocolate can stay – don’t forget to try our Nutella Ka’ak for World Nutella Day on the 5th of February! Add some bananas for a…um…healthier option).

While having a significant other is lovely and all, we strongly believe that LOVE should be celebrated by, and for everyone. February is for young love, old love, new love. A love for friends and family, a love for oneself and most importantly, a love for good food. 

For the month of love, we are giving you five new exciting dishes in the shape of our new all-day breakfast menu. Chef Clara and the team have been testing and trying out some new recipes and ready to wow your palette with some new taste sensations:

Shakshuka: This tasty little tongue twister is originally from Tunisia but very popular in the Middle East. We mix two free range poached eggs in a rich sauce of tomatoes, onions, garlic, red peppers and spices. Each dish is served with our signature pita bread and costs R65 per serving

Cheesy Eggy Breakfast Manakish: The best way to start your day! A cheesy manakish topped with 2 free range eggs, a sprinkle of za’atar and a side of our latest mezze marvel, harissa. R85
Mediterranean Breakfast Plate: If you’ve been to the Middle East, you would have seen these breakfast platters being enjoyed in side-street cafes. This dish is a beautiful combination of 2 boiled free range eggs, rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, our adored marinated olives, labneh, za’atar, pita bread and a drizzle of olive oil. R75 

Best Pita Scramble: You asked for it, so we made it. So many of our patrons have asked for breakfast pitas and the day has finally arrived. Our pita scramble consists of 2 scrambled free range eggs with sauteed onion, red and green peppers and tomatoes. Stuffed in a fluffy pita bread with a handful of rocket to finish these fabulous flavours. R60 

Ka’ak and Jam Joy: Something light? Enjoy one of our delicious handbag breads (Ka’ak – you know you can’t say it without a giggle) served with our labneh and two of Chef Clara’s delicious homemade jams. R52 

But what about Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we have not completely ruled out Hallmark Day. Mark your calendars with a big red heart for these V-Day specials:

05 February: World Nutella Day. Because chocolate is quintessential. Indulge your sweet tooth with a Nutella filled Ka’ak in celebration of the best chocolate spread in the world.

08 – 15 February: Heart week. Get a 2-for-1 special on all Falafel Pitas. Enjoy a full pita experience with a side of Fava beans – because love means never having to say you’re sorry.

Hallmark Competition: Keep an eye on our Facebook page on the 11th of February for our Valentine’s Competition. Win a love box for two by answering a very simple question and sharing the love!

All month: Love Snack Pack! Inspired by a recent gift for a newly wed couple, we are selling Love Snack Packs online. Order and collect a special gift for someone (anyone) special. Our Love Snack Pack contains toumeya, hummus, harissa and tzatziki, baked dipping bread, ka’ak and a pack of pita. Available for R295 and includes packaging. 

Love is all around. Come and taste some happiness through good food and don’t forget to share the experience on instagram and facebook – 

With love, Khaled, Chef Clara and LB Baking and Kitchen Team


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